Legality of Hemp

In the 2016 federal budget approved by Congress, changes were made regarding cannabis. 

An important inclusion to note was Section 763 which stated, “no federal funds may be used to prohibit the transportation, processing, sale, or use of industrial hemp that is grown with the accordance of the Agricultural Act of 2014, providing legal protections by proxy” 

What is Hemp? 

Hemp is one of the oldest crops that has been used for thousands of years to make paper, ropes, and textiles. Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, can be grown as a renewable source that can be incorporated into thousands of products. 

What are Hemp Straws?

It has become widespread knowledge that plastic is a problem that needs to be solved. 

Plastic is made in unsustainable ways and most commonly we see it turn into plastic bags and plastic straws. All this plastic ends up polluting the earth and it affects everyone. 

With industries, companies, and governments taking action globally, change is here. 

Instead of using plastic, other alternatives do exist. However, their durability and strength are of question. If you have ever used a paper straw, you know how frustrating it can be to take a few sips and have it start to disintegrate before you’ve even finished your drink.  

This is where hemp straws come in. These straws contain bioplastic from hemp which allows them to be strong and resist disintegration. Once you finish using your straw, it will dissolve after it is thrown away. The problem with plastic literally vanishes. 

How are Hemp Straws made? 

Beginning as a seed, Hemp grows and is ready to harvest within 90-120 days. 

After harvesting, different parts of the plant are used for a variety of uses. In this case, the hurd of the plant is shredded down and made into paper. 

The paper is then made into a drinking straw and bound with a naturally forming resin that creates the durable biodegradable straw. 

Benefits of Hemp Straws?

Two specific benefits exist, one for you, and one for the environment. 

When you drink out of these straws, their durability will last until you are done drinking from it, rather than bending and breaking like paper straws. 

The second benefit is the environment. Think of all the plastic not being used when we work together to switch to these environmentally friendly hemp straws! Its bio-degradable capabilities will allow it to dissolve once it’s thrown away and the problem of plastic disappears. 

Bio Plastics 

Industrial Hemp is a great solution to provide a sustainable and carbon friendly source of material. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hemp. Its versatility for uses makes it easier to help the positive impact we make on this world. 

Because of the technological advances, we are able to produce this in mass quantities, resulting in everyone being able to come together and help our planet. 

When we come together, the possibilities are endless. 

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